Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Get Organized: Water Bottle and Travel Cup Holder

Please ignore the chipped paint.  The person who owned the house before us did a very poor job painting.
I'm sure many of you can relate to the frustration of opening a cabinet only to have a water bottle or travel cup fall out, maybe even on your head.  It was a near daily experience for us, not to mention the fact I had the 8 year old's water bottles in one cabinet, ours in another, and our travel cups in yet a third.  

And then Pinterest happened.  Specifically, I discovered by Spinning Our Webs an idea to solve my problems.  

An over the door shoe holder works equally well for water bottles.  Unfortunately I don't have a pantry door because I live in an 89 year old house.  The people who owned the house before us turned the pantry into the world's smallest half bathroom.  I'm not about to hang my water bottles over the bathroom door.  Ew...  So I pondered on the idea a while and then realized I could hang them over the back of the basement door just off the kitchen.  

The water bottles on the very top row (not shown in the picture above) are difficult to reach, so I put the bottles and cups we use rarely up there.  I put the 8 year old's bottles near the bottom, where they are easy for him to get to, and then because I use water bottles more than anyone else, I put mine on the third row up.  The only thing I kept in our cabinets was my husband's travel coffee cup that he uses every weekday.  It didn't seem to make much sense to designate a spot for that cup when it's usually in use.

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