Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Meal Plan - Week July 15 - 21

The past week, the 7 year old was gone to "Camp Nana's"  (and if he had it his way, would be through the end of the summer).  Neither my husband or I felt 100%, but we did manage to eat everything I planned.  Unfortunately our plans fell through with our friends on Saturday, so we ended up using a gift card to Smokey Bones and went out instead.

This week, we have the 7 year old back and I believe we're going camping on Saturday night with my parenting group at church.  I'm going to continue to try to take advantage of the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables at our community market and make things my 7 year old will enjoy to welcome him home.  Lots of salads this week, but I'll mix it up, so it's not the same lettuce, tomato, dressing salad every night.

Sunday - Plans with the inlaw's.
We'll be meeting the inlaw's halfway to get the 7 year old back.  I think everyone has voted on eating at Cracker Barrel.

Monday - Tomato Basil Quiche, Salad
I make this quiche for my vegetarian friends when we get together.  It's always a hit.

Tuesday - Chicken Taquitos, Cilantro Lime Rice, Salad
Adapted from a SNAP program recipe a couple years ago when money was especially tight.  We really enjoy it and I can easily make a vegetable-free version for the 7 year old.  My version probably costs a bit more than 89 cents a serving, but not much.

Wednesday - Sausage Crescent Rolls, Salad
A new recipe I'm working on by combining a ideas from several sources.  I'm betting the 7 year old will love this, as he loves biscuits and sausage gravy.

Thursday - Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake, Bread, Salad
Also a new recipe for us.  I'm going to challenge myself to make a "picky" kid-friendly version I can cook in a separate smaller dish.  I believe mostly the 7 year old won't want to eat the corn.

Friday - Cajun Chicken Pasta, Bread
One of our favorites from P-Dub.  I found some purple bell peppers, delicious cherry tomatoes and red onions at the community market I'm going to use in this.

Saturday - Camping (Burgers on the campfire?)
I'm not sure what the food plan is for Saturday night.  We've talked about a couple different options in the group, but haven't finalized it yet.

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