Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Gift from My Son

A couple weeks ago my dad gave me his iPod Touch because he really didn't use it.  My 7 year old this morning decided that I needed a personalized wallpaper for it.  So the little stink bug swiped my iPod for his little project.  He rearranged all the vegetables I had laying out on the counter and took this picture.  Then he set it as my wallpaper on the iPod and returned the iPod to its rightful place.

When I discovered the picture he said "I tried to make it look like the background on your blog, Mom."  Awwwww....


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    1. I know, right? He can be very adorable like that sometimes.

  2. Your son is so adorable! He gets two thumbs up from me for creativity and thoughtfulness. This post really put a smile on my face...give him a big hug for me!

    1. Thanks and I will. Yes, he's very special.

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    1. He really is, and all about his momma at the moment.

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    1. I know. It's one of those things I'll keep for a long long time.