Monday, June 25, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - June 24 - 30

Last week was a little chaotic.  My husband didn't get home until 7:00p.m. one night.  My 7 year old was late getting home from a field trip at his day camp another.  I had to go pick him up just as supper was supposed to be coming out of the oven.  No one had fully regulated to being home from vacation.  Hopefully next week will be better.

On to the meal plan!

Sunday - Salmon filets on the grill, Rice, Salad
I might even make Cilantro Cream Sauce to go on the salmon.  I have a lot of cilantro leftover from last week.

Monday - Breaded Chicken, Rice or Pasta, Fresh Garden Salad
The 7 year old loves it when I bread chicken breasts in cornmeal.  This was his request for the week.

Tuesday- Chicken Parmesan Wontons, Salad
We've had these once before and enjoyed them.  I easily made my 7 year old's without the marinara sauce and it made him very happy.

Wednesday - Petro's
Petros is a fast food restaurant chain in Tennessee and Alabama.  We discovered it when my husband lived in Knoxville, TN shortly before we were married.  The original version was chili poured inside a bag of Fritos with sour cream on top.  However, I'll be putting ours in a bowl.

Thursday - Grilled Zucchini and Onion over Rotini Pasta, Salad
I'm going to convert a side dish to a main vegetarian dish by bulking it up with some pasta.

Friday - Southwest Pasta Skillet, Salad
Hold over from last week when my husband got home late.

Saturday - Out


  1. Your menu looks great. We need to be flexible on those late home nights don't we, that's when I bring out the pasta dishes, they're usually quick and easy to throw together with whatever is in the cupboard or fridge!

    1. Yup. Or the breaded chicken comes together fast too. I defrost the breasts under cold water or in the microwave. However, if my hubby is the one late getting home, he often grabs something on the way. Usually, then, I'll just do sandwiches or something for my 7 year old and me.