Monday, June 18, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Home from Vacation Edition

I'm typing this post on Wednesday night before we leave for our first family vacation in at least 10 years.  My son is currently on vacation with his best friend's family.  We are picking him up early Friday from that trip and taking him to the beach until Monday.  So things may not go exactly as planned next week.  I figured I'd better get it going, though, so I'm not scrambling late Monday night or early Tuesday morning to figure out what we're having for the week.  It looks like I'll be going to the grocery store directly after work Tuesday.

So far this week, we've been exactly on track, although I did shuffle the Pasta au Gratin to earlier in the week so my veggies wouldn't go bad and the Black Bean Cakes to later because the grocery store had no ripe avocados.  I miss my little boy desperately, but it has been nice to get in the kitchen and do some serious cooking without the constant interruptions and the moving of lightsabers off the kitchen counters.

Lots of salad this upcoming week.  I have a huge bag of salad greens from last week's trip to the market to use up.

Sunday and Monday - Vacation Days.  Monday we'll eat out on the way home.

Tuesday - Big Salad with Shrimp, Crusty Bread
Carry over from last week.

Wednesday - King Ranch Casserole, Salad
I've been wanting to try King Ranch Casserole for quite some time now but had been looking for a version without cream of mushroom soup.

Thursday - Southwest Pasta Skillet, Salad
This is a recipe I made up one evening after discovering a southwest style sour cream dip in the grocery store.  It's super easy and if I'm really luck the 7 year old will eat enough of it to count.

Friday - Grilled Chicken Bruschetta, Angel Hair Pasta, Salad
Grilled chicken, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar - all the best things of summer.

Saturday - Pancakes or Waffles, Berry Syrup, Bacon, Fruit Salad
We haven't had breakfast for supper in a while, and by then I'll have some fresh berries from the market.  I'll let the 7 year old decide between pancakes or waffles.

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