Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cottage Cheese Stuffed Avocado with Two Options

Perfect for eating on the deck with some pretty flowers nearby.

It's getting hot around here, and I don't mean in the good way.  I mean in the frizzy hair, damp underarms, I'm cranky and have lost my appetite kind of way.

Generally I don't eat a heavy lunch anyway because I get home from work late.  So I eat a light lunch around 1:30 and then eat supper around 5:30.  Most of my lunches are some form of leftover from the previous night.  However sometimes there aren't leftovers, or now that it's hot, I don't feel like messing with heating anything up.  On those days I make myself a salad, a pimento cheese sandwich, or my latest obsession - an avocado stuffed with cottage cheese.
And not just any cottage cheese stuffed avocado.  A salty, limey, slightly spicy avocado topped with whole milk cottage cheese, because I don't believe in low-fat anything.  Low fat foods are full of chemicals and ingredients I can't pronounce to make them taste good.  

I have to give my bloggy friend Evin at Food Good Laundry Bad (don't you love her blog name?) credit for this one.  Evin posts more pictures of the food she's eating on her personal Facebook page than I do...and that's saying something.  One day she posted this lovely avocado with cottage cheese, lime, and sriracha.  Because sriracha makes everything better.  I tried it for lunch one day.  I was hooked.

And then I had mess with it.  Because I always do.  Evin also introduced me to this stuff.  She finds it at her local HEB in Texas for under a dollar a bottle.  I had to pay $1.50 for it at my local Kroger in Virginia.  It will likely last forever...maybe.

Tajin Clasico Seasoning is chili peppers, salt, and dehydrated lime juice.  It's mild, with just a lovely bit of heat without burning your face off.  Instead of the lime juice and sriracha Evin used, I tried some Tajin Clasico Seasoning on my avocado instead.  (I am not being paid or reimbursed in any way to talk about Tajin products.)

Cottage Cheese Stuffed Avocado with Two Options

Option One
1 avocado, sliced in half and pitted
1/2 cup cottage cheese
2 teaspoons lime juice
2 teaspoon sriracha

Option Two
1 avocado, sliced in half and pitted
1/2 cup cottage cheese
Tajin Clasico Seasoning

If desired slice a tiny bit off the bottom of each avocado half to make it sit flatter.

For option one, sprinkle each avocado half with lime juice and salt.  Stuff 1/4 cup cottage cheese in hollow of each avocado half.  Drizzle each half with 1 teaspoon sriracha.

For option two, sprinkle each avocado half with Tajin Clasico Seasoning.  Stuff 1/4 cup cottage cheese in hollow of each avocado half.  Sprinkle more Tajin Clasico Seasoning on top of cottage cheese.

Makes two light lunches or one heavier one.

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy cool light lunch in 5 minutes.


  1. This sounds yummy. Love all the ingredients. Pinning.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm not a fan of avocado but many people I know are and they would be delighted to try something like this.

  3. Option 1 sounds like something that would be loved in my home. Spicy is always a favorite here.

  4. This looks really good. I love anything with avocado!