Thursday, September 12, 2013

Corn Tortilla Dogs

One day this summer I was standing in the middle of a 7-11 waiting for the 8 year old to finish up his "pit stop."  The hot dog roller caught my eye and as I watched hot dogs, taquitos, corn dogs, and batter covered round foods slowly turning on the heated rollers, I thought to myself "I bet I could make something like that at home."  Thus the corn tortilla dog was born.

When I told the 8 year old my idea, he said "That's ingenious, Mom!"  My husband said it sounded like something we'd find at 7-11, and we had a good laugh when I told him that's exactly where I got the idea.

We've had these for a quick supper, which worked out well one night for my crazy schedule.  But I also think they'd be great for a weekend lunch, a game day snack, or a kid's birthday party.  We liked ours with hot dog chili.

Corn Tortilla Dogs

1/2 cup olive oil
4 hot dogs
4 thin slices cheddar cheese
4 corn tortillas

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat.

Meanwhile make slits down the middle of your hot dog, but don't cut it all the way through.  Fit slices of cheese in the slits so that the cheese is mostly even with the edge of the dog.  You don't want too much of it sticking out.

Wrap corn tortillas in a couple paper towels.  Place on a microwave safe plate and warm in microwave 30-60 seconds.

Wrap each hot dog with a corn tortilla, securing with a toothpick if necessary.  Place each hot dog seam side down in the hot oil.  Fry until golden brown on one side, about 5 minutes.  Then turn over and fry the other side.

Serve immediately.  Makes 4.

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