Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cherry Coconut Cream Smootie

Picture it: The day before vacation.  You're home alone with an anxious and frustrated 8 year old.  You've eaten down most of the food in your fridge.  And the 8 year decides that for his after lunch "treat" he wants a smoothie.  There is no milk or ice cream in the house and you're not about to go out to the store for some only to have it sit around untouched for a week.

This is precisely what happened to me a few weeks ago.  So the 8 year old and I started pulling things out of the refrigerator that we might be able to use in a smoothie.  We found a couple containers of yogurt meant for snacks on our trip, a variety of partially opened bags of frozen fruit, about 8 ounces of half and half, and a handful of chocolate chunks and slivered almonds.

I've been on a big coconut kick lately so for my smoothie I chose coconut yogurt.  The 8 year old wanted cherries.  The almonds and chocolate seemed like a perfect finish for the top.  This smoothie turned out to be a keeper.  The only thing I think I'll do differently next time is add a teaspoon or so of almond extract to the liquid ingredients.  My mother spoiled the 8 year old, and now he thinks he has to have a little sugar in all his smoothies.  It's completely optional, but I did add it in to this one.

Cherry Coconut Cream Smoothie

1/2 cup coconut flavored yogurt
1/2 cup half and half
1 cup frozen cherries
1 tablespoon sugar (optional)
2 teaspoons slivered almonds
2 teaspoons chocolate chips

Layer all ingredients in a blender or smoothie maker according to your appliances instructions.  Pulse until all ingredients are well combined and cherries are pulverized.  Top with almonds and chocolate chips.

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