Monday, November 5, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week of November 4

We were among the lucky ones who were far enough inland and far enough south, that while we had high winds for two days, we were otherwise unaffected by Hurricane Sandy.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost everything, however.  I can only imagine how devastating this is for folks in the northeast.

Halloween was windy and cold, but my King of the World had a great time.  I made his costume aside from the crown.  I had a crown made and realized it was much too small, so we went out last minute to a party store to buy a crown instead.
This week the 8 year old is out of school for Election Day, but the two grown ups have to work.  Child care is interesting, we shuffled sitters a couple of times and ended up with two boys around 2:00p.m. for the rest of the work day.  Then we're back to our normal routine of extra boys, chess club and Scouts.  Since I have lots of shredded chicken frozen, I tried to find a few meals to use some of that up.

Sunday - Spinach and Artichoke Pasta, Salad, Bread
Hold over from Saturday because we had a sleep over Saturday.  I bought pizzas for the boys instead.

Monday - My Mother's Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans
Another recipe that has been in the family for at least 3 generations now.  You've never had meatloaf like this.  There's not a tomato or ketchup sauce in sight!

Tuesday - Chicken and Rice Chowder, Salad, Bread
From a former college housemate.  I've made this several times and it's always good.  Just be careful not to overcook the rice.

Wednesday - Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, Yellow Rice
I made this several weeks ago and we really enjoyed it.

Thursday - Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups, Marinara Sauce, Salad
Have you seen these?  They've popped up all over Pinterest lately.  The 8 year old will eat just about anything I wrap in a crescent roll.

Friday - Black Bean Cakes with Corn Salsa and Avocado Cream Sauce, Rice
I could eat the avocado cream sauce on it's own all day.

Saturday - Potato Soup, Salad, Bread
Someone at work recently gave me about 5 pounds of local potatoes.  In addition to the 5 pounds my mom gave me last month that she had grown, I've got a lot of potatoes for the next couple weeks. Guess it's a good thing we love this soup.

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