Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Posting at Kathe With an E!

I'm so excited!  I've never guest posted before, so when Kathe at Kathe With an E asked me if I would fill in for her on a post while she enjoyed her son's wedding and visited with her new grandson, I jumped at the chance.  It's fun to offer ones "voice" to another blog every now and again.

Kathe hosts a great linky party I frequent on Tuesdays called You're Gonna Love It! (and I do!).  She also puts together amazing tablescapes like this one to celebrate Oktoberfest (I'm in love with the apple cider tureen) and this one honoring her Canadian husband, Mr. B's heritage.  Kathe also shares some of her crafts like this adorably cute garden sign, and delicious recipes.  Hello, coconut maple bacon cupcakes!

So head on over to Kathe's blog to check out some of my memories of cooking with my grandmothers and read a bit about the history of my husband's favorite dish, fettuccine Alfredo.  And before I forget again, let me thank Kathe so much for letting me guest post.  She was one of the first people I really connected with when I started blogging, and I'm so honored she let me share with her readers.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing And guest posting for me Laura! You awe so awesome :-)