Monday, November 12, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week of November 11

The 8 year old went to spend the weekend with his grandparents last minute, so my husband and I took advantage of a free evening and took in Skyfall on opening night as well as tried out a new Cajun restaurant in town.  Can I just say Daniel Craig is the best James Bond since Sean Connery?

And the new Cajun restaurant is a keeper.  I wish I'd taken pictures of the food.  My husband got the crawfish etouffee.  And I got a fried shrimp platter.  Both were so good we could have eaten another whole helping each.  We were told the seafood is shipped in straight from Louisiana and the owner/chef grew up in the 9th Ward in New Orleans.  She moved here after Hurricane Katrina.  I can't wait to go back and try her Po-Boy!

Sunday - Potato Soup, Salad, Bread
This is what we didn't make in lieu of going out to eat.

Monday - Chicken Spaghetti, Green Beans
Still working on using up shredded chicken.  I also need to make a pot of black beans Monday to take to teacher appreciate day at the 8 year old's school.  Our PTA does a luncheon for the teachers and staff once a month.

Tuesday - Slow Cooker Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans
Last week I bought a 5 pound pork roast on sale for $2.30 a pound!!!  I've cut it into smaller portions for our family and will be using it in different ways over the next few weeks.

Wednesday - Beef and Bean Taquitos, Roasted Tomatilo Salsa, Cilantro Lime Rice
My husband and I loved these taquitos when I made them a few months ago.  I hope the 8 year old does too.

Thursday - Chicken Crescent Rolls, Salad
One of the 8 year old's favorites.  He gets so excited when he sees these on the table.

Friday - Creamy Tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Salad
This comes out to be a pretty cheap comfort food meal.  My husband doesn't especially care for the tortellini  in it, so I'll use penne or macaroni instead.

Saturday - Out
It's supposed to be a busy day and I'm thinking cooking will be the last thing I'll want to do.


  1. Good Afternoon Laura, You are absolutely right, Daniel Craig is the best 007 since Sean Connery. I haven't seen Skyfall yet, but the reviews say it is a great film. Looking at your menu, I saw taquitos, I have never heard of them, but they look tasty. Have I missed a post on how to make these. I know my husband would enjoy them as he loves "anything" in pastry. I'm so pleased you had a lovely night out with your husband. Have a good day. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. Daphne, taquitos are sort of like a taco, except once the filling is put in the tortilla, the whole thing is rolled and then fried. You could also bake them to cut some of the fat. This isn't my recipe, but one I found elsewhere. Here's the original recipe:

    2. Good Morning Laura, Thank you so much for taking the time to send me the recipe for taquitos. I think I would prefer to bake them, for no other reason than being health aware. I love discovering new recipes and look forward to trying this one. Take care, Best Wishes Daphne

    3. I generally don't fry either, but every now and again I have to splurge. I am from southern US, after all. We're known for our fried food. :-)