Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Recipe Review - Beef and Bean Taquitos

Have I mentioned that the SPD, non-vegetable eating 7 year old is gone for the week and we can eat anything we want without having to alter a recipe for him or make him a separate meal?  I love my 7 year old more than anyone else in the world, but it is nice to go in to the kitchen and just cook.  That means this week, my husband and I have been eating a lot of things that we wouldn't normally eat - like Tex-Mex twice and buffalo wings and tomato cream sauce.

Wednesday night we had Beef and Bean Taquitos from Fort Mill, SC Living that I topped with a fresh roasted tomatillo salsa with avocado.  The tomatillo salsa was inspired by A Spicy Perspective's, but not exactly like hers.

These taquitos were so good, I'm glad I got a picture while the last two were finishing up.  Otherwise, I may not have gotten any pics at all.  As soon as I cut into mine, I snarfed them up as fast as I could, scooping the salsa onto each bite.  The only change I made is somewhere in the directions, there is mention of adding garlic, but garlic is not listed in the ingredients.  So no garlic in my dish.  Also I ran out of onion making the salsa, so I used about 4 green onions instead.  My husband liked these too and immediately dubbed them "a make again."  We also agreed, while he probably wouldn't try them because you could see bits of peppers and cilantro, the 7 year old would more than likely have enjoyed these too.

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