Monday, October 29, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Halloween/Hurricane Sandy Edition

I've been down most of the week with a horrible cold and even missed a day of work due to it.  Those that know me know I don't take a day off from work lightly! Fortunately I had most of my blog posts scheduled and ready to go so the only thing that got missed was a weekend recipe review.  Sorry about that, guys.  I'll make it up to you this week with my review of a chicken saltimboca that my husband called "restaurant quality."  If that doesn't make a home cook feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I don't know what will.  And I'm guest posting over at Kathe With an E on Friday, so you can look for me there, too.

We're fairly far inland, but we do expect to get some high winds tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) from Hurricane Sandy.  I'm cooking 6 pounds of frozen chicken breasts in my slow cooker and am making ice as fast as my freezer will freeze it as I type.  Normally I don't get too anxious about storms, but I think lots of people on the East Coast are feeling especially anxious after the derecho this summer.  I know I am.  This post is scheduled to go up first thing Monday morning and a new recipe post is ready to go up on Thursday.  With any luck I'll have everything else scheduled by the end of the evening, so posts will go uninterrupted no matter what.  If you are in Sandy's path, be safe!

Sunday - Leftovers
We still had red beans and rice, a bit of french dip and some plain pasta that to be jazzed up that needed eaten before it went to waste.

Monday - Summer Vegetable Quesedillas, Rice
I know we just had this, but it's oh so good, and this might be my last chance to get zucchini and squash until next summer.

Tuesday - Turkey and Wild Rice Soup, Salad, Bread
We have just enough turkey leftover from last Sunday that I've been saving in the freezer just for this soup.

Wednesday - Mom's Chili
I always make my mother's chili on Halloween.  I don't really know how the tradition got started, but it's stuck.  We attended a neighborhood Halloween evening soup potluck each year, so it works out.

Thursday - Spaghetti with Brown Butter and Mizithra, Broccoli, Bread
My husband, of course, requested this, but we haven't had it for a while so I guess we're about due.

Friday - Pancakes with Berry Syrup, Bacon, Fresh Fruit or Sliced Tomatoes
Breakfast for supper sounds good.  It will depend on if we have tomatoes left as to what we serve on the side.

Saturday - Spinach Artichoke Pasta, Salad, Bread
I haven't had a P-Dub recipe fail yet, so I'm really looking forward to trying this one!

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  1. Good Morning Laura, Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, but I'm glad to hear your on the road to recovery. I have never heard of Chicken Saltimboca, so I am looking forward to reading the recipe. Take care, Best Wishes, Daphne