Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making the Best of Things - Meal Ideas

Cooking frugally sometimes is more of a challenge than one might think and it's easy to get into a rut. Fortunately, there are many websites who feature frugal recipes and meal ideas.

$10 Buck Dinners
I don't think this site is updated anymore, but I liked how they broke out the cost analysis of each meal.

The Recession Special - 5 Low Cost Family Friendly Meals

I would cook all of these meals except the Spam recipe at the end.

15 Dinners for under $1.50 a Serving

Most of these look like great meals, but the site runs a bit slow for me.

Low Cost Meals - Eat At Home  and More Low Cost Meals - Eat At Home
Two very comprehensive lists of very frugal meals.

Frugal Village - Recipes and Cooking

I just discovered this site and I think it's a new favorite.

Recipe Finder on the USDA Website
Marketed directly toward people on SNAP assistance, the recipes all have a cost analysis.  They also all have nutritional facts.  I've found lots of good recipes here we've adapted over the last few years.

Corn Chowder
There were other recipes on this site, but this corn chowder really spoke to me.

Find the entire Making the Best of Things series here.

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