Monday, September 17, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - September 16 - 22

This weekend, we went to see dragon boat racing at a lake about an hour away from home.  It was a lot of fun for my husband and me, but the 7 year old was bored.  Unfortunately, there was a 15 minute lag time between each race, so we'd have a minute of excitement and then 15 minutes of waiting.  The folks planning the festival really didn't have anything for the kids except for face painting and some bubbles to blow.  That booth was so far away from the area where they were racing we couldn't really just watch him blow bubbles from our position along the race course.

Source  The portion of Chicken of the Woods I prepared Sunday evening came directly from this beauty.
Another busy week this week.  I'm keeping a four year old boy after school for a friend on Monday and Wednesday.  I had him last Wednesday too, and OY! did I forget how much work four year olds are.  Fortunately I only have him until 3:30 or 4:00, so at least I'll have a little time to clean up and prep for dinner once he is picked up.  I also have my usual extra boy on Tuesday and Thursday.  Scouts started back up, which will be on Wednesday evenings.

Sunday - Fried Chicken of the Woods, Baked Fennel, Tomato Peach Salad, French Bread
This is the first time we've had chicken of the woods.  Normally it's prepared sauteed, but the farmer I bought this from said his wife frequently fries it and it's very good that way.  I thought for a first attempt we would enjoy it better fried.  It's coated with Italian bread crumbs first.  We enjoyed it quite a bit.

Monday - Spaghetti, Salad, French Bread
I think I'm going to make this meatless.  We've been eating a lot of ground beef lately and we'll have more on Tuesday with the tacos.

Tuesday - Tacos, Refried Beans
I'm just making these from a taco kit from my mother-in-law.

Wednesday - Turkey and Cheese Crescents, Salad
The 7 year old loves just about anything if I wrap it around crescent rolls and these are ridiculously easy.

Thursday - Slow Cooker Wild Rice Soup, Bread
This looked really good, but finding just straight wild rice wasn't easy.  I'll be omitting the peas and maybe adding mushrooms.

Friday - Chicken Bruschetta, Salad, Bread
I've got a lot of late season cherry tomatoes that will make this dish perfect.  Unfortunately I don't have any fresh basil still growing.  I'm going to have to beg some from my neighbor.

Saturday - Chicken Tikka Masala, Yellow Rice, Naan
Ever since our camping trip, where a friend made a vegetarian Tikka Masala, I've been wanting to make a chicken version here at home.  She uses coconut milk instead of cream because that's how she was taught.

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