Monday, December 31, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - First Week Edition

Happy New Year's to all my bloggy friends!  How is your family celebrating?

Before the 8 year old came along, my husband and I would fix a big fancy meal, usually trying a new recipe or trying a new food.  Since the 8 year old is going off to Nana's for a few days starting tonight, I thought I'd bring back that tradition and fix a newish recipe for us.  We've had a lovely week of visiting with family and spending extra time with the 8 year old, but I'm looking forward to a "date night" with my husband.

On Tuesday we both have the day off, so I think we'll be spending the day watching football and parades and eating lots of food we probably shouldn't.  I usually only do a dinner meal plan because we're all kind of on our own for breakfast and lunch (for me, that's oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and generally leftovers for lunch.)  But for New Year's Day, I've done a lot of planning for lunch and dinner.  We'll probably do some eggs, grits, bacon, and biscuits for breakfast.

Sunday - Out
The 8 year old loves to eat out, and I try to limit our restaurant meals to at most once a week.  But I did promise him we'd eat out once before he went to Nana's.

Monday - Chicken Saltimbocca Romana, Salad, Bread
When I made this a couple months ago, my husband called it restaurant quality.  I think it will be the perfect New Year's Eve date night meal.

Tuesday Lunch - Chili's Queso, Avocado and Mango Salsa, Roasted Tomatillo Salsa with AvocadoCheesy Quinoa Bites
We don't have a Chili's in our town, and I love their Queso.  I was excited to find this recipe.  SkinnyTaste's salsa looks delish, and we both love my roasted tomatillo salsa.  For the quinoa bites, I'm going to alter it a bit to be more Tex-Mex to complement the rest of our choices.

Tuesday Dinner - Buffalo Wings, Raw Vegetable Plate, Leftovers from Lunch, Fruit Pizza
My husband loves buffalo wings.  My husband's first cousin made the fruit pizza for our family Christmas get-together at her house, and it practically stole the show.  My husband tracked her down before the end of the night and made her print off the recipe before we left.  LOL

Wednesday - Pinto Beans with Ham, Cornbread
No one in the house likes black eyed peas, the traditional Southern dish on New Year's Day, so pinto beans in the slow cooker sound like a good way to begin the new year.

Thursday - King Ranch Casserole, Salad
We ended up with an extra day visiting family (where I had a delicious sous vide pork tenderloin made by my husband's cousin who is a professional chef)!  So this casserole is a carry over from last week.

Friday - Spaghetti with Mizithra, Salad, Bread
My husband hasn't asked for this yet, but I'm pretty sure he will once he remembers we're boy free all week!

Saturday - Leftovers

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