Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Re-imagined Spice Rack

Today's post was supposed to be the final in my "Making the Best of Things" series, but it didn't get written before tonight (Tuesday, October 9).  Currently my desk is in complete disarray and my keyboard has shorted out because the roof leaked directly over my desk and computer on Saturday night while we slept.  It continued to rain most of Sunday and Monday, thus the roof continued to leak.  For the last couple days I've been working only the bare minimum at the every edge of my desk on an older keyboard we had in the basement, hoping my nice cordless one will dry out and continue to be usable.

Today has been horribly busy and now at almost 9:00p.m., I have a headache and am headed to bed as soon as I schedule this post to go live in the morning.  It's one I wrote several weeks ago to go up later in the month.  I will finish out the "Making the Best of Things" series next week.

Several weeks ago, while walking the 7 year old (now 8 year old) home from school, we found these CD racks on the side of the road waiting for the trash pick up.

They were dirty and slightly rusted around the corners, but in otherwise good shape.  My first thought was that they would make a great homework station for the 8 year old, but if you notice, the dividers aren't solid. That meant a little configuring to make usable sections.  I carried them home anyway and by the time we got there I realized they would make excellent spice racks.

After I rescued my hose nozzle from under 40 gallons of water in my rain barrel, I sprayed the CD racks off well and let them dry.  Then a quick mount to the wall with brads and my new spice rack was hung.

Seriously? What the heck was he thinking.  Please tell me those of you with boys understand.
I cleaned everything out of the cabinet.  Unfortunately there was a minor casualty when I dropped a huge jar of cinnamon all over the kitchen floor.  The good news is it makes the vacuum smell wonderful when I use it now!

Bottles and jars were rearranged on my new FREE spice rack.  I could have given this a good coat of paint to freshen it up a bit, and I might do that eventually.  For now, though, it doesn't look bad, and the rust is in the back where it can't be seen.  I'm not sure yet, what I'll do with the second CD rack.  It might go in the 8 year old's room to display some of his treasures.  I'm even thinking of getting a few pieces of plexi-glass cut, so we can hang it long ways.

Now what to do with that empty shelf in the pantry....


  1. Good Morning Laura, I do hope you are feeling a little better by the time you read this comment. What a horrible thing to happen, to have a leaky roof and then to have the rain ruin your keyboard. I do hope it has dried and is re-useable. Take care, Best Wishes Daphne

    1. Thanks so much, Daphne. I am, actually, feeling better, although I think it's time for a chiropractor visit as well. Now that the sun has returned, the plan this afternoon is to put my desk back together and try out the keyboard.