Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recipe Holder Trick

Now that I'm over 40, my eyesight is going very quickly.  Bifocals are in my future once I screw up the courage (and find the money) to go to the eye doctor.  Laying a recipe on the counter just wasn't cutting it any more.  Not to mention, a recipe on the counter is in danger of getting wet, splattered on, and in general, in the way.

I kept trying to prop a recipe up on something, but that didn't seem to work well either.  And then it hit me: If I could somehow hang the recipe, I could read it and it'd be out of the way.  At first I taped my recipe to the cabinet doors, but I feared the tape would pull off the finish.

One day while throwing away some plastic retail hangers from new clothes my mother-in-law gave my son (I have a "No wire hangers!" thing about those cheap plastic hangers from stores), I got my Ah-Ha! moment.  A pants hanger with the clips would work perfectly to hang my recipe from the cabinet knob and not have to tape it to the cabinet.

This is the cabinet near my stove where I do most of my prep work.  As you can see, the hanger tucks under my microwave, so I have to angle the recipe on it.  But it actually works better that way, as the recipe hangs a bit higher and more at eye level for me.

Best of all, this little trick didn't cost me a penny.


  1. Now this is ingenious! Great tip, Laura! Thanks for sharing this useful tip with us at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  2. What a great, practical idea! Love it:@)

  3. Now that is using your head!!! Great idea!